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Kensington SD1600P USB-C Mobile Docking Station

Get more out of your desktop setup with the Kensington SD1600P USB-C Mobile Docking Station. Offering universal compatibility, this 4K dock works with any laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C port. Likewise, it supports MacOS, Chrome, and Windows operating systems. Just plug the USB-C power adaptor from your laptop into the dock to give pass-through power to your device. You can also power the dock and connected devices by using your laptop’s battery. Eliminating the need for an extra power adapter, this travel-friendly gadget keeps your setup nice and tidy. The SD1600P Mobile Docking Station offers options for HDMI or VGA output to a TV, projector, or external monitor. Its versatile design makes it easy to connect to different AV setups at work and saves valuable luggage space. Furthermore, the SD1600P comes with an 8-inch USB-C cable that you can hide when not in use.